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Logical Puzzle

A Cannibal, a King Cole, a Billy-Goat and
a Vegetarian Missionary have to cross a river full of Crocodiles.
But absolutely teeming.
There is one boat, but only three will fit in.

How do they all get safely across?

They Don't!

Puzzle Books

The Art of Deception

An Introduction to Critical Thinking
Nicholas Capaldi
an original approach: how arguments are won by faulty reasoning
so you'll learn to avoid those traps
Graphic and OpArt Mazes
Dave Phillips
40 original mazes, among most visually beautiful. 7 in full color. Op art effects, visual illusions, 3-D mazes, etc. Solutions.
Mystifying Mazes
Dave Phillips
33 brain teasers, each with its own objectives and restrictions. Battle wizards, monsters, missiles, more. Fun and excitement of electronic games in book form. Solutions.
Mind Boggling Mazes
Dave Philips
40 original mazes pop, jump, recede, advance and shimmer, use visual illusions and 3D effects. Directions/Solutions.
Fantastic Book of Logic Puzzles
Muriell Mandell
Meant for kids. Huh. So maybe you can solve these, at least? Don't count on it.
But don't worry, it contains clues.
World's Greatest Puzzles
Charles Barry Townsend
Really? you solved all the Fantastic ones on the left and lust for more?
No kidding! So try these.
Also has clues in the back.
Labyrinths of Reason
William Poundstone
Paradox, Puzzles and the Frailty of Knowledge
This is getting serious:
Mind bending cases where logic will not work.

bonus puzzle by

from Harvey Kurtzman's FUN AND GAMES
"A Puzzle Book for People Who Are Tired of Puzzles"
It's from 1965, so, thankfully, a bit dated now

Strategic Error
As everyone knows, the U.S. Air Force's Strategic Air Command keeps a number of bombers carrying hydrogen bombs constantly in the air in case of enemy attack. Well, in this one bomber, the Bertrand Russell, there were five men in the crew: Bugsy Major, Noodles Colonel, Crazy Captain, Killer Sergeant and Nutsy Airman. By some strange military coincidence, each of these men had achieved a rank corresponding to the surname of one of the others in the crew. No two were the same rank.
Just to help you out: Bugsy Major was not a captain; Crazy Captain was not a sergeant. Nutsy Airman was married to the captain's sister, which was one of the reasons he had volunteered for this kind of duty. One day in the officer's lounge the colonel told Killer and Nutsy that he was going to bust Crazy Captain down to a recruit.
"Why?" asked Killer.
"Why not?" said the colonel, with a sly grin. The three of them were having a nice laugh over this reply when Nutsy accidentally pushed the bomb release abnd levelled Vladivostok. Well, naturally the Soviet Union took offense at this and destroyed Detroit. Not realizing who had started the war, we then hauled off and decimated Minsk, Pinks and Omsk. They flattened Des Moines, Newark and Disneyland. Us: Kharkov. Them: Los Angeles. Us: Leningrad. Them: Chicago. Then Moscow. Then New York. And so on, until the entire world was destroyed.
But that's not our problem here. Our problem is: Which Air Force man was which rank?


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